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Oct 18

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Terry Pratchett’s books usually include a cornucopia* of puns, which is part of the attraction of reading them. However, these puns often depend on the intricacies of the English language, making them damn near impossible to translate into other languages.

This makes it all the more surprising (and gratifying) to discover that the French translation of the Discworld novel Hogfather includes a delightful additional linguistic pun, involving Mr. Teatime’s name - one that only works in French, no less.

*Given that they’re both corny and copious.

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Oct 17

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Gray Ghost
Sep 20

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Sep 19

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New images for the upcoming Asterix animated film “Le Domaine Des Dieux”  (The Mansions Of The Gods). 

A teaser trailer had been released, and a full trailer soon. The movie opens in France in December.

Source for the images (and more to be seen) :

This works perfeclty in 3D. They did an amazing job ! 

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Sep 13

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The Multiversity #1 (2014)

Story: Grant Morrison, art:  Joe Prado, Ivan Reis. 

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je suis donc principalement un tueur d’enfants. ^^
Aug 24

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je suis donc principalement un tueur d’enfants. ^^

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Aug 12

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Aug 06

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Aug 06

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Aug 02

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